Sunday, December 03, 2006

12/3: With smoke pouring from my ears, gears grinding, fans whirring in overdrive, I knew I had to get out of my head. Not knowing where I was headed, I drove east on Rte. 50 past Annapolis to the last exit before the Bay Bridge, and wandered into Maryland's Sandy Point State Park. It was perfect.

I lugged my Mamiya around making photos, smiling happily, for more than an hour. It was remarkable. I got in the groove. The same feeling I used to get while playing bass--zoned out, everything's fine, time may pass, but I'm in the moment. You can't buy that feeling. You can't manufacture it. I've got to remember how to regularly attain it.

On my way home I saw a speeding ticket camera's flash go off in my mirror, but if that's all it cost me it was well worth the trip! Dropped my film at Chrome, napped, ate, spent time with my artificial sunshine light, and now I feel much better. Work with Lyt tomorrow and probably Wednesday.


corey said...

Nice. You beat me to it. I'm still mulling over what do to next.

&rew said...

yeah baybee. high five. ;)

Wendy said...

tuesday i got a ticket from a cop. he was wrong. believe it.