Monday, November 27, 2006

11/27: My older sister took me to see Robert Randolph and the Family Band at 9:30 Club Saturday night. I saw them there two years ago and they were really tight--energetic and excited. This time they kind of sucked. But she, Corey, and I did eat some decent Ethiopian food beforehand and then hung out with a crowd of folks on my porch until someone on the street brandished a handgun--not at us, but it still ticked me off and sent us all inside for a while.

Met up with Prica and Lara last night for food. It's good to hang out with motivated, talented, and fun goodlooking girls. Then I learned a new nickname and got pissed off--took a while to send the last vestige of that sentiment packing. Got to see Peaches at 9:30 Club for free thanks to someone to whom I don't want to be in debt. Very nearly passed up the ticket due to that thought process. I don't like being pissed off. Takes too much energy. I hang out with jerks all the time, but they're usually obnoxious in goodnatured ways and if I get pissed off at them it's just because I'm a dumbass. It's quite possible I'm being unreasonable now, but it ticked me off in a way that I hadn't been in a while--really since a bitch of an instructor ticked me off last year.


mike said...

must have been mark cameron boyd.
the "artist" who's into censorship.

&rew said...

i like MCB. you secretly like him. you even wrote a love poem for him. you should post it somewhere... or have you already? and, anyway, censorship is a form of art... like drawing with an eraser... or writing (or redacting) with white-out.

Wendy said...

man. you need some pool hall/beer therapy. i can administer that treatment. ;)