Monday, November 27, 2006

11/26: Corey and I accompanied Mike to Friendship Heights to check out a camera. It was a weird trip and meeting.

That's a weird area, too. Dodging heavy traffic while crossing the 4+ lanes of Wisconsin Ave was like being inserted into an old Atari game. It's like a shopping mall with a major road bisecting it just for kicks. Recent days of trips around the metropolitan region have put suburban cut-and-paste shopping centers and "town centers" on my mind again.

I understand why people shop at big box stores, I really do--it's cheap and the impersonal, familiar atmosphere can make shopping fun, plus it's convenient to find everything under one roof. But it doesn't really support anyone other than big boys in far away places and their products wind up costing more than the quality would indicate. But what do I know? I lived at home for most of my life and was supported by my parents until relatively recently! My point of view comes from a position of not having had to learn how to stretch my dollars, and never really worrying about it. I still don't, my budgeting is primitive and full of wishful thinking. But I'm a fairly immature being and if I continue to water myself I hope I'll grow, be able to cast a pretty good shadow, and have a healthy amount of green to support myself. Blah blah blah.

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