Thursday, November 23, 2006

11/22-23: I drove Mike and Jenn to the NGA for a visit on a cold and rainy Thanksgiving eve. We (also known as Mike) made a photo in honor of Marissa Long. Mike never stopped his annoying "it's America, bay-bee" comments, not even while writing poems in the cold rain.

Much later that evening the roommates of 1841 ran through the cold rain to Rafal's bar. Subsequent stops included Fox and Hounds to briefly say hi to Hatnim, and after a quick nap, a fun foray to St. Ex where Katie, Saskia, Martha and other stars from the old 1841 days were in attendance for a fun night of funky records courtesy of The Deep Crate Collective featuring D-Mac, Neville-C, and The Secret Chimp.

Now cold and alone in 1841, I wait for Corey to arrive from Bed-Stuy for a few days of catching up and eating good food. Happy Thanksgiving!


mike said...

Sorry I never made it to Saint-Ex Baybee. I had an appointment in America in a little place called sleep. I go there evey night. Went a little early last night for their happy hour.

&rew said...

Yeah bay-bee. It's okay. Corey's here now. He'll kick you in the head and make everything better. A lot of the trash went away outside! But not all of it, it's America bay-bee.

mike said...

I love this nation underneath of you.