Tuesday, November 21, 2006

11/20: Spent much of the day with my boyz Mike & Rafal. Eventually Rafal went to work (pfft! Work!?) so Mike and I wandered to the Holocaust Museum to see the photos of the Darfur genocide that will be projected on the building from 11/20-11/26. When we arrived there was still an hour of ceremonial speeches to go through, so we continued on to the Corcoran where I visited with Kim. He's teaching two color classes as usual. Chris Combs and I subbed for him last Thursday and we had two good people stay, and there were two people working last night but he has got to be bored out of his mind with the lack of workers in his classes. Corey's coming down from NYC for a visit Thursday!


mike said...

Aww, the old Corcoran restroom!! I haven't been there since you took this picture! Yesterday.

&rew said...

awww! the good old days! do you remember that time you and i walked down to the holocaust museum and then went to the corcoran? i mean, yesterday? the good old days.