Monday, September 04, 2006

9/4: an old video from Italy and a new one from Mike's apartment building.


mike said...


corey said...

Is that you laughing at that poor retarded child?

A.Sch_neck said...

to bad it's not longer

wendy said...

can totatlly tell your are laughing at that kid

mike said...


In America, kids have nice bike to ride. They don't even have to go outside.

In foreign countries the kids ride chairs and other hard furnitures, outside!

Man, are we lucky.

&rew said...

Yes. It was cool.

Of course that's me laughing at the retarded kid with the fashionable neckchair.

Youtube made it a couple seconds or more shorter. Bastards.

Yes, you can totally tell I'm laughing at that kid.

Man, we sure are lucky.