Friday, September 01, 2006

8/31: George passed along four tickets to the Nats vs. Phillies. Front row mezzanine tickets in line with Ryan Zimmerman (10th bunt single of the year--a lock for NL Rookie of the Year) at third base--awesome. It was supposed to rain and be miserable. It didn't. It was a great game with beautiful weather, a bottom of the 9th 2-run rally to tie, followed by a bottom of the 10th 2-run rally to win 6-5 on a wild pitch. After the game they announced the scorer of the winning run had been traded. Timing is everything. I even saved Jeremy's life and got a souvenir when a line shot foul ball came racing up at us! Whoooooooooo!


mike said...


Cheesey Losers!!

Cream Cheesers!!!!!!!!

K. Lorraine Graham said...

When you manage to move to Barcelona, kindly tell me how you managed it.

Dietsch said...

I always see this photo at the games, but there is always people in the seats, and it never really works. What im trying to say in a round about way is, i like this photo.