Wednesday, August 16, 2006

8/16: Recent nights and today...
8/10: AJ and Mike on Eric and FMT's (formerly AJ's) balcony.

8/10: 14th Street lights up.

8/12: Behn and Katie look hot at Behn's "going away to Berkeley!" party at Chi-Cha, which was followed by Augusta's "going away to London!" party at Black Cat.

8/15: The Danielle Steel(e) Society of Advanced Poetics gathered at Cafe Mozart for a regularly occurring meeting of the most amazing minds in the capital of the free world.

8/16: I traversed seldom seen streets on the way to meet Alissa for an afternoon of fun. After viewing the Christenberry show we lunched with Jess on the steps of The National Portrait Gallery before bowling and beer at Chinatown's Lucky Strike Lanes, followed by a bit of walking on a gorgeous August day that made me long for Europe.


Sshilenciosa said...

I like your photos, they're great ;) I like Mogwai too..
Kisses from Spain**

eric said...

less words, more photos