Sunday, July 30, 2006

7/29: Traipsing through Cheney's woods on our way back to EDupont (it's French, so say it with an accent--any accent'll do) from Marissa's 2nd KNEW Gallery opening followed by sushi with Gerry (not Geri), we (Eric, Mike T, and me) happened across a few bucks. I wanted to pick them up, butt it didn't make cents too dew sew.

I'd like to make a preemptive refutation against whatever ridiculous claims that may be made in the future about this photo. This photo was NOT made with a night-vision scope, nor has it EVER been on the front page of the NY Times. Possibly the New York Times, but never the NY Times! -Your friend, in earnest (not Ernest), &rew, editor, author, king, lady in waiting, and jefe/honcho/master of my domain.


Anonymous said...

I feel flattered that i was mentioned in said blog...however i would like to state for the record that my name is GERRY. Thank you.

&rew said...

Damn it! I had a similar problem with your name towards the end of the year when you were directing the creation of an Exquisite Corpse poem for Doug. What the hell's wrong with me!? Gerry. Gerry. Gerry. hopefully I've got it now. Whoo! Sorry.