Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tuesday evening I busted down Route 29 to Central Virginia. Ate dinner on West Main St. with my older sister Elizabeth, my brother Matt, and my sister-in-law Carla. We missed my younger sister Margaret. I guess I'll see her at the beach in nine days. Whoo!

At home in Batesville the dogs and cats were as excited to see me as I was to see them. Got home at dusk, and when I left a little later to go across the mountain to visit my brother and sister-in-law the moon cast shadows like swordfighters through the branches of the silver maples.

The classically cool Piedmont summer evening caused me to think of Bob Long. I wondered if he was playing croquet, sipping a Long Island iced tea or some other highball, readying for a long day of napping in a hammock. Maybe he was hard at work, typing noisily on an old typewriter or gripping his favorite pen, scratching frantically in an old notebook.

Across the mountain, past blurs of road reflectors, another dog awaited petting and more cats prowled. Carla created a fabulously delicious lemon and lavender cake with blueberries and powdered sugar on top. She gave me the leftovers to take home. I may have even followed her instructions to make sure my parents got some too.

Plus I got to cut the grass! All in all it was a good, if quick, trip home.


mike said...

Bob Long would never eat blueberries! Raspberries have so much more going for them.

&rew said...

But surely Bob would love and appreciate the antioxidizing qualities inherent to blueberries?! Besides, they're blue.

Craig P. Webb said...

Now next time - can you pick some mushrooms for me?

I was in C-Villle on Saturday. First time in almost a year. 29 is still a crying shame, but it was nice being near UVA. I had Bill over at the Camera shop do my slides. You guys would really get along - both are really quiet and great photographers. He showed me slides he took for the Bayly's upcoming show - some prof from Davidson College - looked good.

&rew said...

Yeah, he's a quiet dude. Spoken to him a few times over the years, but I doubt he'd remember me. Of what have you been shooting slides? What kind of mushrooms would you have me pick!? Gotta git ready to run now. I want to meet your dog this summer!