Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On Memorial Day Mike, AJ, and I hosted a BBQ in my yard. A bunch of cool people came. We drank beer. Fires were started, fires were re-started, tasty food was eaten, passersby were invited to attend, dogs ambled into the yard in search of snacks and beer, awesome housemates added to the party, finally darkness arrived and people left. It was a good day.


mike said...

It was a day that you could live to the fullest.
A day that fit like a good pair of pants.
But like all pants they must be taken off at night.
Heads are layed on pillows and the goodosities of the day are replayed through the participant's head.
In other words, "a day that dreams are made of!"

mike said...

"Car 54 Where Are You?"

Feves Megee said...